The sibling factor

“Eating disorders don’t just affect those they inhabit; they can have knock-on effects too. I wish just once I had been asked how I was finding everything and how I felt – it doesn’t sound like a lot, but as the ‘other child’, I know it could mean the world. “ Anonymous (From: Sibling Solidarity article,Continue reading “The sibling factor”

Pick your strategy…

If your child won’t eat, where do you start and what do you do? What strategies do you use? I’d say most parents have probably faced fussy eating episodes with their children at some point along the parenting pathway. In the early days, when it came to OJ’s refusal of food, like many parents weContinue reading “Pick your strategy…”

Out and About, 1

I’ve been helping my eldest son (aged 11) pack for his Scout camp this weekend. We’ve been busy looking out his rucksack and camping equipment and packing everything he will need for the two days and nights away. This will be the third time he has been on an overnight Scouting event. The first wasContinue reading “Out and About, 1”


This is a blog for anyone who is interested in learning about the impact of ARFID on daily life. Why blog about ARFID? Having a family member with this condition has impacted my family on many levels. Sharing my story with health professionals many times along the way, constantly explaining to family and friends aboutContinue reading “Welcome”

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